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Semi- Annual Report

Twice a year the property manager will personally walk through the property and document the condition of the property and its contents. Those visits are to visit the home and confirm the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease.

Orlando Rentals Property Management Co , LLC  is a firm of experienced professionals who specialize in the physical management and maintenance of your investment properties. Twice a year the property manager will personally walk through the property and document the condition of the property and its contents.
A 3rd semi-annual inspection is available to make a thorough inspection of your unit, both inside and outside. This helps us insure that your property is being properly cared for by your tenant. Upon completion a detailed report will be sent to the owner. It includes detailed interior and exterior photos.
We make a visual inspection of HVAC units,  all appliances, Floor coverings (carpet, tile, etc.) Ceiling Fans , Doors & locks, Pool & Lawn standards.
Overall cleanliness & condition  – This service in a deep look at the mechanical function of the home looking to preserve and protect the value of your home.


Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Standard Service includes.

Creating a Photo Inventory CD

Coordinating lease preparation with attorneys

Tenant orientation move in week

Initial walkthrough move-in inspections

Move-out property inspections

Conduct compliance inspections with tenants

Serve notices and arranging for an attorney in the event of formal legal action.

Making claims on the security deposit according to Florida Statue protocol.

For peace of mind, we are on call in the event of a repair issue or late night emergency.


Hamish & Susan Cassidy

Testimonial – Management’s professionalism and fellow staff members of ORPMCO are a god send for anyone interested in long term rental management with their company.

Many Thanks,
Hamish & Susan Cassidy
CLIENT – Edinburgh, Scotland

Town home located in Terra Verde Resort Kissimmee Florida USA

Serving of Legal Notices

The State of Florida dictates the procedure of serving legal notices for tenants in residential real estate. You can file an eviction if a tenant refuses to vacate the premises after the service of a proper notice to the tenant.  Whether or not a notice is “proper” is determined by Florida law and by the lease.  Different types of notices are required depending on the reason for the termination.  For example, a notice that terminates due to the nonpayment of rent is a different notice than a notice based on criminal activity.

Our team is dedicated to the management of residential investment properties in the Central Florida area, including luxury estates, single family detached homes, town houses, and condos. We are experienced in all phases of property management from vetting of tenants’ applications, working with attorneys to draft lease agreements, conducting property inspections, serving legal or late rent notices, and coordination of repairs or preventive maintenance. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida works with an attorney to have the correct legal forms needed to manage your homes.


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Tejesh Patel

Testimonial – It was a pleasure doing business with your company. It is hard to find a honest management company who really do what you say and you say what you mean. I love the fact that the Real Estate Broker you recommended had a unique 30 day contract. My property was occupied in 10 days no one has done that before for me. Thank you for your Courtesies:  Agent Reviews

Tejesh Patel
CLIENT – Windermere, Florida

Condo located in Vista Cay near International Drive in Orlando Florida USA

Contractor Services

Orlando Rentals Property Management Co. llc use only proven and vetted Contractors that have worked with us and have the ability to meet our high expectations.  We offer 24-hour emergency service and we deal with the Contractors from start to finish, so you don’t have to.

We can coordinate all minor repairs and offer cost effective upgrades like pressure washing and painting. We can assist with procuring repair bids to secure quality workmanship at  reasonable rates.

Our managers efficiently schedule and supervise repairs, custom work, and home improvement projects.  Servicing homes and condos in the Central Florida Area.

Please fill in our request form to send us some information on your project.

Residential Pressure washing done at least once a year can eliminate contaminates that contribute to premature aging of your home.

Pressure washing is considered to be one of the most affordable ways to increase your homes value.

Pressure washing cleaning can help protect your family from intrusion of mold and outside allergens.

Cleaning the walkway and driveway can help protect your family and visitors from accidents like slipping on oil or mildew.  Pressure washing can help change the look of your rental property in Orlando, Florida.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company to help you fix up and clean the look of your Florida real estate call us today, you will not be disappointed with the workmanship or price.  Call us Today

Sameer K

Testimonial -Your Company helped me prepare my property. All through the process, they have been very professional and honest. They have also made sure that the contract is paid on time and property is well taken care of and I would certainly like to do more business with them.  Agent Reviews

Sameer K

CLIENT – Washington, USA

Single Family Home located on Victoria Falls Drive Orlando Florida – Close to Lake Nona and Medical City

Management Liability Insurance ?

 Liability insurance is designed to offer specific protection against third party insurance claims, i.e., payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract. In general, damage caused intentionally as well as contractual liability are not covered under liability insurance policies. When a claim is made, the insurance carrier has the duty (and right) to defend the insured. The legal costs of a defense normally do not affect policy limits unless the policy expressly states otherwise; this default rule is useful because defense costs tend to soar when cases go to trial.


Our existing liability property management insurance policy is 1,000,000



Catlin and Tomas Crehan

Testimonial – On your new venture, very impressive! Thanks for all your help since we started in Orlando. We just couldn’t have managed without your guidance and assistance.
Best wishes,
Catlin & Tomas Crehan
CLIENT – Mountbellwe, IRELAND

Condo is located in Central Florida – Orlando  Agent Reviews

How do you determine market rent?

We use several methods to determine the current market value of your Florida real estate. Our brokers have been in the sales and leasing business for decades and have a current pulse to the market of your condo or home. In addition to renting and leasing property for many years we use the historic data base of the Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  The database records all rentals and sales that take place on a day to day basis in your community.  Additionally several other rental specific websites, about 30, host day to day current “For Rent” offerings.  By comparing your home’s ammonites, condition, and location we factor competing units to determine the current market value for your residential real estate.  And finally we keep in mind the time of year the unit is going on the market. For example vacancies in December would be priced aggressively as compared to vacant units in the prime of Summer season.  Call us today to speak with a real estate broker to help you determine the current market value and viability of your real estate investment. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida

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