Lake Nona – Property Management at Moss Park Community Orlando Fl

Lake Nona Property Manager at Moss Park
Lake Nona Property Manager at Moss Park
Offered at: $1,450

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Building Size: 1300 Acres

Property Type: Investment

The Orlando Rentals Property Management Company offers Professional Real...

How do you determine market rent?

We use several methods to determine the current market value of your Florida real estate. Our brokers have been in the sales and leasing business for decades and have a current pulse to the market of your condo or home. In addition to renting and leasing property for many years we use the historic data base of the Multiple Listing Service or MLS.  The database records all rentals and sales that take place on a day to day basis in your community.  Additionally several other rental specific websites, about 30, host day to day current “For Rent” offerings.  By comparing your home’s ammonites, condition, and location we factor competing units to determine the current market value for your residential real estate.  And finally we keep in mind the time of year the unit is going on the market. For example vacancies in December would be priced aggressively as compared to vacant units in the prime of Summer season.  Call us today to speak with a real estate broker to help you determine the current market value and viability of your real estate investment. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida

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Attorney Prepared Leases

One of the best ways to protect a property owner is to work with an attorney that practices tenant law on a day to day basis. We work exclusively with The Law Offices of Heist P.A. based out of Florida. The benefit of working closely with an on call attorney is the freedom of solid advice from a source experienced in the intricate Florida statues and how they can affect the landlord’s liability. The leases are executed by licensed Real Estate Brokers, educated and trained on the proper protocol of leasing Florida Real Estate.  Attorney Harry Anthony Heist has trained thousands of Florida property managers since 1989 and has written hundreds of articles on property management related legal issues. Our office has worked exclusively with Attorney Heist since 2007.  As our real estate broker states ” Harry is the best Florida tenant landlord attorney”   regular calls to his office provide insight to single family management, tenant non-compliance, legal notices, and evictions. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida can help you keep the contract and documents in place needed to make a successful rental reducing the landlords risk in the transaction.  Call our Property Management office today to learn more about our leasing package.