How do you deal with repairs ?

Compliant, licensed, and experienced professional contractors are key. We have vetted each compliant licensed contractors who provide our office their insurance and license information to record before they are ever allowed to work on any project in a home we manage.  We do this to reduce risk and liability.

Repairs are ordered on an a la-cart basis. Small jobs are done by our licensed & insured staff large ones are subcontracted by outside reputable vendors. Small repairs are taken care of with your consent. Emergency repairs are automatically addressed up to $500 via credit card on file. Any repair above the $500 would require a written approval from you.


Large repairs would require prior written permission from you following an estimate. Generally, the contractor is directly paid the property owner.

Preventive maintenance service is offered at a reasonable cost during different Florida seasons. For example, exterior painting, house pressure cleaning to remove mildew, insect prevention, air conditioner coil cleaning, yearly window cleaning, and many other services focused on protecting your real estate investment. Preventative maintenance is optional and all services are tax deductible. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida