How do we process late and timely payments?

The qualified tenant is instructed to mail rents directly into the management company. We then deliver the rents to the owner’s Florida rental bank account usually by direct deposit, unless otherwise instructed. You, as the property owner, can look online each month and see your timely deposits.

Late Rents – After phoning and emailing all occupants of a property, we serve a legal notice called a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate.  We serve it on the 2nd day after the lease permitted grace period.

If a late or absence of payment occurs we will communicate with the tenant and then serve a legal notice to demand payment of rent. If needed, we can contact an attorney on your behalf to coordinate the eviction process.

Leases are renewed yearly, unless you instruct otherwise. Upon renewal the tenant will be re-evaluated and contracted again. Renewals are based on timely rental payments and a physical condition evaluation of the property.  Our goal is to protect and preserve the value of your Florida real estate.