Serving of Legal Notices

The State of Florida dictates the procedure of serving legal notices for tenants in residential real estate. You can file an eviction if a tenant refuses to vacate the premises after the service of a proper notice to the tenant.  Whether or not a notice is “proper” is determined by Florida law and by the lease.  Different types of notices are required depending on the reason for the termination.  For example, a notice that terminates due to the nonpayment of rent is a different notice than a notice based on criminal activity.

Our team is dedicated to the management of residential investment properties in the Central Florida area, including luxury estates, single family detached homes, town houses, and condos. We are experienced in all phases of property management from vetting of tenants’ applications, working with attorneys to draft lease agreements, conducting property inspections, serving legal or late rent notices, and coordination of repairs or preventive maintenance. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida works with an attorney to have the correct legal forms needed to manage your homes.


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