Lake Nona – Property Management at Moss Park Community Orlando Fl

Lake Nona Property Manager at Moss Park
Lake Nona Property Manager at Moss Park
Offered at: $1,450

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Building Size: 1300 Acres

Property Type: Investment

The Orlando Rentals Property Management Company offers Professional Real...

Semi- Annual Report

Twice a year the property manager will personally walk through the property and document the condition of the property and its contents. Those visits are to visit the home and confirm the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease.

Orlando Rentals Property Management Co , LLC  is a firm of experienced professionals who specialize in the physical management and maintenance of your investment properties. Twice a year the property manager will personally walk through the property and document the condition of the property and its contents.
A 3rd semi-annual inspection is available to make a thorough inspection of your unit, both inside and outside. This helps us insure that your property is being properly cared for by your tenant. Upon completion a detailed report will be sent to the owner. It includes detailed interior and exterior photos.
We make a visual inspection of HVAC units,  all appliances, Floor coverings (carpet, tile, etc.) Ceiling Fans , Doors & locks, Pool & Lawn standards.
Overall cleanliness & condition  – This service in a deep look at the mechanical function of the home looking to preserve and protect the value of your home.


Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Standard Service includes.

Creating a Photo Inventory CD

Coordinating lease preparation with attorneys

Tenant orientation move in week

Initial walkthrough move-in inspections

Move-out property inspections

Conduct compliance inspections with tenants

Serve notices and arranging for an attorney in the event of formal legal action.

Making claims on the security deposit according to Florida Statue protocol.

For peace of mind, we are on call in the event of a repair issue or late night emergency.


Tenant Screening

One of Our Most Valuable Services is the Vetting of Tenant Applications

Tenant screening is the examination of prospective tenants by the property manager of a property management company. The results of the screening are used by the management to determine whether a prospective tenant is a suitable candidate for tenancy. Potential candidates are either approved or denied by property management based on the screening results. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida can help you reduce the risk and liability of leasing your Florida rental property.


One of our most valuable services is the experience of screening tenant application on a Daily Basis. We understand the importance of looking for verifiable details to confirm we have clear  assessment of the application and the information provided.   Call us today to learn more 407-370-0822

Eviction Check

FBI Terrorist Report

Current Income Verification

Current Employer Verification

Personal and Professional References

Detailed Credit Checks with FICO score

National Criminal Background Report

National Sex Offender Background Report

Previous Address Residential History Verification

Previous 2 Years of Rental Payment History Search


Orlando Rentals Property Management Company offers long term management with expertise in residential tenant management and property maintenance.

Our team is dedicated to the management of residential investment properties in the Central Florida area, including luxury estates, single family detached homes, town houses, and condos.

We are experienced in all phases of property management from vetting of tenants’ applications, working with attorneys to draft lease agreements, conducting property inspections, serving legal or late rent notices, and coordination of repairs or preventive maintenance.