Property Inspections

The property inspection is an important process that protects both the landlord and tenant, and Orlando Rentals Property Management goes the extra mile to ensure that all is documented and nothing is missed during our property inspections.
The property manager will make photographic record of the condition of the property both before and after the tenant moves is. Copies of all photos, documentation, etc. will be distributed to landlord, property manager and the new tenant, and signed off as received by each party.
The tenant will be made aware that the leasing agreement has provisions to deal with any damages caused to the premises by the tenant since the time of his/her occupancy. The tenant will also be made aware upon move-in that the required up-front security deposit prior to move-in was designated as funds to pay for any repairs made to the property that were caused by tenant damage or neglect. Orlando Rentals Property Management Company Long Term Leasing Rental Agent Florida can help to inspect your rental property to help protect the value of your real estate investment.
Property inspections can be conducted 3 times per lease year and any all current or potential problems will be noted and addressed.

Our team is dedicated to the management of residential investment properties in the Central Florida area, including luxury estates, single family detached homes, town houses, and condos.


We are experienced in all phases of property management from vetting of tenants’ applications, working with attorneys to draft lease agreements, conducting property inspections, serving legal or late rent notices, and coordination of repairs or preventive maintenance.   Call us Today 407-370-0822